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Patanjali's Eight-Limbed System of Yoga:

1.    YAMAS: restraints

       a.    AHIMSA: non-harming

       b.    SATYA: truthfullness

       c.    ASTEYA: non-stealing

       d.    BRAMACHARYA: control on sensual pleasure

       e.    APARIGRAHA: greedlessness

2.    NIYAMAS: observances

       a.    SAUCHA: cleanliness

       b.    SANTOSA: contentment

       c.    TAPAS: self-discipline

       d.    SVADHYAYA: self-study

       e.    ISVARA PRANIDHANA: self-surrender

3.    ASANA: posture, seat, connection to the earth

4.    PRANAYAMA: breath control

5.    PRATYHARA: sense withdrawl

6.    DHARANA: concentration of the mind

7.    DHYANA: meditation

8.    SAMADHI: enlightenment, Yoga, union with the Divine

Adventures in Mindfulness Meditation...

Why is Mindfulness Meditation so important for a Yoga practice? 

According to Yoga philosophy, one of the reasons we contort our body through the various asanas (postures) is in order to cultivate a comfortable seated position for a contemplative meditation practice. Patanjali's Eight Limbed System of Yoga (outlined to the right) highlights how asana is one small step or component to the cultivation of dharana (concentration of the mind), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (enlightenment or bliss).

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra 1.1

                     “Yogash Chitta Vritti Nirodhah”

Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuation of the mind.


As a therapist, I find yoga and mindfulness to be incredibly important not only for the clients and students I work with, but also for my own self-care. During my classes and counseling sessions, I incorporate mindfulness meditation where and when appropriate. By clicking the link below you can access ten different ten-minute guided mindfulness practices that can be used for you personally, with clients, or with students. No previous meditation experience is required. Enjoy, breath deeply, and live mindfully.



10 Mindfulness Meditations
(scripts of each meditation are below)

1. Noticing the Breath
2. Falling Out Breath 
3. Three Part Breath
4. Cascading Breath
5. Mantra Meditation
6. Relaxation Body Scan
7. Mindful Eating
7. Loving Kindness Meditation
8. Gratitude Meditation
9. Forgiveness Meditation
10. Self-Compassion Meditation
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